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  • How much of an advance percentage do you approve off the current market value of my graded cards?

We approve up to 70% of the current market value on your graded sports card.

  • How do you determine your market value?

We use a 30-90 day running average combined with current recent market comps from eBay, and other major auction houses. All the data is received and reviewed in real-time through our full API partnership with Cardbase who tracks over 4,000.000 sports cards daily. If for some reason there are no current comps on your cards, such as low numbered cards or the card has not sold for 6 months or more, we will discuss a fair market value with the borrower based on other comparable cards or decline the card for risk factors.

  • Do you accept one of one or low populated cards with limited sales comps?

We will consider these cards but keep in mind the risk factors are much higher because they are not as liquid and much harder to determine a fair market price. In most cases, we would either discuss a fair market value with the borrower that everybody is happy with based on other comparable cards or decline the card for risk factors.

  • What are the advance amounts you will approve?

We advance from $2500-$100,000.

  • How fast do I receive the funds after you receive my cards?

We fund your bank account the same day we receive your cards via ACH with our trusted partner Stripe.

  • Do you only advance on graded cards?

Yes, we only advance on graded cards from the following company’s PSA, Beckett, SGC.

  • How do I pay my advance back?

We set up easy automated weekly payments deducted from your bank account via our trusted partner stripe.

  • How long do I get to pay my advance back?

We offer up to 26 simple Weekly payments based on the payment program the borrower chooses.

  • What is the interest?

There is no interest this is not a loan this is an advance on the current market value of your sports card. We charge a flat factor rate cost for the term. Factor rates range from 1.12-1.19 depending on the volatility of the cards.

  • Are there any additional closing costs or origination fees?

Yes, we charge a one-time platform servicing origination fee to the vault, insure and service your account throughout the term. The fee ranges from $99.00-$795.00 depending on the advance amount and is deducted at the time of funding.

  • Why do I have to link my bank account up to get approved for a sports card advance and are my personal credentials safe?

For security reasons we need to verify the person applying is real and not a robot. We also require all of our customers to have a current bank account so that we can fund the sports card advance into and collect the advance back with automated weekly payments. You can feel 100% secure that all of your personal information is safe as we have partnered with a 3rd party credible company (Plaid) to perform our online bank verifications. Investacard is never granted access to your credentials.

  • Do I have to let you hold my card until I pay you back the advance?

Yes, your card is the collateral to secure the sports card advance.

  • Are my cards safe at your location?

Yes, all of the cards in our portfolio are stored in our home office in a climate-controlled real bank vault with 24-hour security video surveillance and your cards are fully insured for 100% of the market value.

  • Do I lose my card if I can not make my payments?

If for some reason you can no longer or do not want to make your weekly payments and you are current and just want to have your card sold the card will be liquidated to pay off the balance on the advance. If you are in good standing and not in default and there are any overages after we payoff the balance you would receive 100% of the remaining balance minus any normal selling fees. We do not upcharge on the selling fees.

  • What if the card goes up or down in value can I payoff of my balance or have you sell my card?

Remember you still own 100% of the card, so if your card goes up in value and you want it back just pay off the balance, we will ship it back to you, or you could request for Investacard to sell your card at any time for you to pay off the advance. After it is sold your advance will be paid in full and then if any money is leftover you would receive 100% of the balance minus any normal selling fees. We do not upcharge on the selling fees. If the card goes down in value you can continue to pay your advance or request us to sell it and if after the card is sold there is not enough to cover the balance the borrower is NOT responsible for the remaining balance. Investacard assumes that risk.

  • How do you declare a default?

We make every effort to be flexible and help with missed payments or hardship. But If you miss more than 2 consecutive weekly payments we would then send you out written notification of default and you have within 7 business days to resolve the matter, if you are not in communication with us after 7 business days we would then move the card into liquidation to sell and payoff the remaining balance of the advance. If for some reason after the card is sold there is not enough to cover the balance the borrower is NOT responsible as Investacard assumes that risk. If you are in default and we sell the card to payoff the balance and there is money leftover per the sports card advance agreement, Investacard has the right to keep 100% of the remaining money. This scenario only happens if the borrower is in default and has not communicated with us via email or phone.

  • Can I pay off my sports card advance early and get my card shipped back to me?

Yes. At anytime you can pay off your balance by requesting a payoff letter via email or phone there is NO pre payment penalty. Depending on how early you pay the balance off you could qualify for an early payoff discount. Early payoff discounts are given if paid off within the first 16 weeks of the term and the discount is determined at the time of paying off the balance.

  • If I pay my advance back can I get a renewal?

Yes. You qualify for a renewal when your balance is paid in full or you can have access to more funds once your advance balance is at 80% paid in.

  • Do you advance on any value of cards?

No. Your card must be approved based on our proprietorial Model index. Most cards must be at least $300+ in market value

  • Can I get a sports card advance on multiple cards?

Yes. We will advance on one card or on multiple cards in a lot.

If you have any other additional questions
Please call us at 877-492-2737